Treat yourself with a real recovering moment of relaxation

through a legitimate professional massage

by a pleasant and handsome man. 




What do I offer ?  I offer a 1h real full body massage in the nude (both) with learned Technics fully mastered. It is a combination of deep and Swedish tissue massage with a mix of other moves, mild to strong pressure. 


Who am I ? I'm lucas a 30yo professional who does massage therapy as my second job, primarly out of passion. I have an appropriate training in massage therapy and more important, over 800hours of practice in the last 3years. I have a 99% satisfaction rate. Comments on this website are mostly in french as I don't travel for massage, but even in french, you can realize that the comments speak for themselves.


How much does it cost ? 80€/hour - 90min appointements are unfortunately not offered.


How to meet me ? Appointment are to be taken by email or text only (no calls please, for organization and discretion purposes) last minute to 1week in advance. +33 (0)662358707. For quality purposes I don't do appointements in a row, so book in advance if you want to be sure to see me. Exact address is always sent by text upon confirmation. No address or codes will be communication over internet. I am a reliable professional so do not worry.


When can we meet ? Monday thru Friday 10am to 9pm - Saturday 10am to 6pm - Sunday ; check with me.


Where am I ?  In the center of Paris, At my place only, in my dedicated confortable place in the center of Paris at République (subway 3,5,8,9,11) or ONLY 10min walk from the Marais or Chatelet.


Details : The Massage is provided on a real massage table not on a bed or on the floor. I use professional neutral nurishing oil massage with or without scent upon preferences. Shower is available before and/or after the massage.


What to keep in mind ? Come in peace, don't be anxious, I am a normal and pleasant guy like you are. Discretion and cleaness are a must for both of us. 

It is not a sexual encounter whatsoever even though it is a nude massage and we both are aware gay or bi guys. No weird experience will be allowed. You are here to relax, not to stress yourself out.


Important : Be on time ! (any delay over 10min won't be added at the end of the massage as) I have learned to be very stricked on that. Check a map before coming, and allow yourself some time to come in a relaxed mood as it will be even better for both of us. 



And the most important : ENJOY :)

Everybody has the right to treat themself with a nice and peacefull moment

out of any time or life constraints...